Vegetable Preparation

Vegetables are among the most prominent plant foods in our diet, along with fruits and plant seeds. Customarily, they are prepared as side dishes or garnishes to the main course. With a wide range of flavours and textures, vegetables have inspired cooks to be creative in producing subtle and diverse flavours.

Compared to meats, eggs and dairy products, vegetables are generally easier to cook. Unlike meats, which contain proteins that are sensitive to relatively moderate heat, vegetables are predominantly made of carbohydrates, which tend to be more robust. Even when cooked at boiling tempratures, vegetables often maintain a moist and tender texture. The challenge for a cook, is to create an appealing texture whilst also producing an appetising colour and flavour whilst also maintaining the vegetable’s butritional value.


Vegetable cuts

Vegetable Cuts

Depending on the type of preparation required, classic French cooking uses a variety of different types of vegetable cuts. Read more >>
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